Unforgettable Memories: Gartrell Johnson CSU Football Locker Name Plate Review

Unforgettable Memories: Gartrell Johnson CSU Football Locker Name Plate Review

When​ it comes to unique sports memorabilia, we​ love ⁣discovering hidden gems that tell a story. That’s ‍why we were thrilled to⁢ get ‌our hands on the Gartrell Johnson Game Used ‌2009 Chargers Football Locker Name Plate. This piece not only ⁢showcases a piece of football history, but it also represents ⁤the hard work and dedication of a talented player. Join ​us as we‍ dive into the details ​of this College Game Used Footballs collectible and uncover what makes it a must-have ⁢for any football enthusiast’s collection.

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When it comes to⁤ unique sports memorabilia, this Gartrell Johnson Game Used 2009‍ Chargers Football Locker‍ Name‍ Plate is a standout piece. The fact that it ⁢comes from his ​time as a⁤ running back​ for Colorado State Rams adds to its appeal.‍ As a game-used item, this name plate holds ⁢special value for collectors​ looking⁢ for‌ a piece of history from their favorite player’s career.

The inclusion of an individually numbered, tamper-evident hologram ensures the authenticity of this piece. Whether you’re‍ a fan of the​ Chargers, Johnson himself, or‍ simply appreciate college football memorabilia, this name‌ plate is a must-have ‍for⁢ your collection. Don’t ‌miss out on the opportunity​ to⁣ own a piece of sports history by getting ‌your hands on this unique ⁢item ​today!

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Impressive Attributes and Features

The Gartrell Johnson Game Used 2009 Chargers Football Locker Name Plate boasts some truly that ⁤set it apart from other⁤ memorabilia⁢ items. One notable feature is the inclusion of an individually numbered, tamper-evident ⁤hologram if ⁣the⁤ plate is autographed. This not​ only adds to the authenticity of ⁤the item ‍but also gives collectors peace ‍of mind knowing they have a genuine piece of memorabilia.

Additionally, ⁤the fact that ‌this name ⁤plate ⁣comes from a game-used football from 2009 makes it a unique ‍and rare find for any‍ sports memorabilia collector.⁣ The connection to Gartrell Johnson and the Colorado State Rams adds even more value and intrigue to this piece. For those looking to​ add ​a ‍one-of-a-kind item to ‍their collection, ‌this Gartrell ⁤Johnson Game Used Football Locker Name‌ Plate is definitely worth considering.‌ Check⁣ it out on ⁢Amazon for more details. Click​ here‍ to learn⁢ more!

In-Depth Analysis‍ and Insights

When it comes to‌ the Gartrell Johnson Game ⁢Used 2009 Chargers Football Locker Name Plate, we were thoroughly impressed by the attention to detail and authenticity‌ of this unique piece of memorabilia. ⁢The fact that it was actually used in a game adds‌ an extra level​ of​ excitement ‍and value for any ‌football fan ‍or collector. Not to mention, if you’re a Colorado State Rams fan, ⁢this is⁣ a must-have item to showcase your team⁣ pride.

One of the standout ⁢features of this name ⁣plate is⁢ the individually numbered, tamper-evident hologram that⁢ comes⁣ with it if autographed. This‌ provides an extra layer‌ of assurance that you’re getting a genuine piece of memorabilia. Plus, the sleek design and ​quality craftsmanship make it a visually ‌appealing addition⁢ to‌ any sports collection. Don’t miss out ​on the opportunity to own a‍ piece of history with this⁤ game-used locker name⁤ plate.⁢ Check it out on Amazon today!

Our ‌Recommendations

In , we are excited to showcase the Gartrell Johnson Game Used 2009 Chargers Football⁢ Locker Name Plate. This unique piece of memorabilia⁢ is a ⁢must-have for​ any fan of the Colorado State Rams or Gartrell⁣ Johnson. The‌ name plate is a piece of football history, used by the RB‌ #33 during his time with the Chargers. It is a great addition to any sports collection, especially for fans looking for authentic game-used ‍items.

When it comes to authenticity, this name plate does not disappoint. If the product is⁤ autographed, it comes with​ an individually numbered, tamper-evident⁣ hologram for added security. Each piece is carefully authenticated to ‌ensure its legitimacy. Whether you’re a collector or just a passionate fan, ⁤this Gartrell Johnson name plate is ⁣a unique and ⁢exciting find. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of football​ history – check it out on Amazon ‍today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully examining‌ the ⁢customer reviews for ⁣the Gartrell Johnson CSU Football Locker ⁢Name Plate, ​we have gathered some insights ⁣on what customers loved about this unique ‍piece‍ of memorabilia.

Memorable Piece

Review Rating
‍”This locker​ name plate brought back so many unforgettable⁣ memories of watching Gartrell Johnson play​ for CSU!” 5/5

High Quality

Review Rating
“The quality of this piece is exceptional. It’s a great addition ​to my collection.” ⁣ 4/5

Unique Collectible

Review Rating
“I love adding unique pieces like this to ​my sports memorabilia collection. It’s a great conversation starter!” 4.5/5

Overall, customers seem‍ to ⁤be delighted with⁣ the Gartrell Johnson CSU​ Football Locker Name Plate.⁣ It’s ⁢a memorable⁢ and‌ high-quality‍ piece‌ that adds a unique touch to any sports collection.

Pros & Cons


  • Authentic piece⁢ of memorabilia from ⁢Gartrell Johnson’s‍ college football days
  • Comes with tamper-evident hologram for‌ authentication
  • Great ‍addition to any sports ​memorabilia collection


  • If unsigned, hologram will not be included
  • May be a bit⁤ pricey for some⁢ collectors
  • Limited availability

Overall, the Gartrell ⁤Johnson CSU Football Locker Name Plate is a unique and memorable piece⁣ of sports memorabilia⁤ that ‌would make a‌ great addition to any fan’s collection. However, the lack of a hologram for unsigned items and the potential high cost may be deterrents for ⁢some⁣ buyers.


Q: Is this locker‍ name plate actually ⁢game-used by⁤ Gartrell ‌Johnson?
A:‍ Yes, this locker‌ name plate was used by Gartrell Johnson during his ​time ​as a running back for the Colorado State Rams in 2009. It’s ⁤a unique piece of ⁢memorabilia that any fan⁢ would love ⁣to have in their collection.

Q: Does the locker name plate come with a certificate of authenticity?
A: If the product ⁢is autographed, ⁣it will come ⁣with an individually numbered, tamper-evident hologram ​for authenticity. However, ⁢if the product ‍is unsigned or non game-used, a hologram will not be included.

Q: Can this name plate be⁢ displayed in a⁢ case or ‍frame?
A: Absolutely! This name ⁣plate would look great displayed in a case or‌ frame, showing off Gartrell ‍Johnson’s⁤ time with ‍the‌ Colorado State Rams. It’s a conversation piece that will surely spark ‍some nostalgia for fans of CSU​ football.

Q: How big is the locker name ‌plate?
A: The dimensions of⁤ the locker name plate are not listed, but it is a standard size for locker name ​plates used⁤ in football. It’s a nice, compact piece that can easily be displayed on a shelf or mounted ‌on a wall.

Q: Would ‌this be a good gift for a Colorado State Rams fan?
A: Definitely! This ‌locker name plate is a unique and memorable gift for any fan of the Colorado⁢ State Rams, especially those who remember Gartrell Johnson’s playing days. It’s a piece of CSU football‍ history that they’re sure to appreciate.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we wrap up our review of the Gartrell Johnson CSU Football Locker Name Plate, ​we can’t help but be filled with nostalgia for those unforgettable memories of the ​2009 Chargers season. This piece of memorabilia ⁤truly captures the essence of that time and would make a​ fantastic addition ​to any collection.

If you’re a fan of Gartrell Johnson​ or just appreciate unique sports memorabilia,⁢ be sure to check out this game-used locker name‍ plate. You won’t be disappointed!

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