Automet Womens Sweat Shorts Review: Casual & Comfy High Waist Fall Fashion

If you’re on ⁢the lookout for the perfect pair of ‍shorts to ‍keep you stylish and comfortable‍ this summer,⁤ look no further than the AUTOMET ⁣Womens Sweat Shorts Casual Summer ⁢Athletic Shorts. The brand Welcome to Automet has truly outdone themselves with these elastic comfy shorts that are not only trendy but also high-waisted for a‌ flattering fit. As soon as we got our hands on⁣ these Fall Fashion Clothes for 2024, we knew​ we had stumbled⁤ upon something special. The​ Automet brand prides itself on showcasing​ the best products, and these shorts are ​no‌ exception. With a focus on⁤ intelligence, logic, and independence, these shorts are ⁤designed to empower women‌ and enhance⁤ their confidence. From quality guarantee to customer feedback, Automet ⁣is truly dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Join us as we dive into our⁢ first-hand experience with these Automet Womens Sweat Shorts and discover why they are a ​must-have for your summer wardrobe.

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Automet’s fashion philosophy is all about ​showcasing the best products that embody ⁢intelligence, logic, and independence. With‌ a focus on enriching the femininity of the new ‍era, Automet aims to highlight‍ the value of women in contemporary ‌society ⁢through their stylish offerings. As a⁢ brand that prioritizes quality above all else, Automet ensures that their customers are not just satisfied‍ but thrilled with their purchases.

Founded in 2015, Automet has quickly become a trendsetter in the ​women’s clothing industry. Their commitment to empowering ‌women and ⁣boosting confidence shines through in each product they create. By listening to customer feedback and continuously improving their offerings, Automet puts their customers first in everything they do. These sweat shorts are ‍a perfect example of​ their dedication to both style and substance, making them a must-have for any fashion-forward ‌individual.

Package Dimensions 10.16 x 9.92 x 0.87 inches
Department womens
Date First Available May 30,​ 2022

Ready to ⁢elevate your style with Automet’s Womens Sweat Shorts? Visit Amazon to get ​your hands ⁤on these ​high-quality, fashion-forward shorts that will take your summer wardrobe to the next level.

Luxurious Comfort and ⁢Style

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When ‍it ‌comes to , look no further than these⁣ AUTOMET Women’s Sweat Shorts. Crafted with the perfect blend of intelligence and independence, these shorts ‍are designed to elevate your casual summer look effortlessly. The high waist design ‌not ​only offers ⁣a flattering fit ⁤but also ensures maximum comfort all day long. We are impressed by the attention to detail in the fall⁤ fashion clothes collection of 2024.

What sets AUTOMET apart is their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. From the exquisite packaging to the impeccable design,‌ every aspect of these shorts‌ reflects the brand’s commitment to empowering women and boosting their confidence. The ‍elastic ⁢waistband provides a custom fit, while⁣ the soft fabric offers a cozy​ feel. Trust us when we⁣ say,⁤ these shorts‍ are a must-have addition to your wardrobe‍ for the upcoming season. Treat yourself‍ to a ‍pair today and experience the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Versatile ‍Wardrobe Essential

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When it comes to s, these​ sweat shorts from AUTOMET are a must-have item. Crafted with comfort and style in mind, these shorts are perfect ‌for lounging at home, running errands, or even hitting the gym. The high waist design provides a flattering ​fit, while the‍ elastic waistband ‌ensures a comfortable feel all day long. Whether you pair them with a crop top, oversized​ tee, or tank, these shorts are sure to‌ become a go-to piece in your wardrobe rotation.

The AUTOMET Women’s Sweat‌ Shorts are⁤ not ⁣just any ordinary pair of shorts. They are a fashion⁢ statement that embodies intelligence, independence, and individuality. With a ‌focus on quality and customer satisfaction, ⁤AUTOMET has created a piece that not only‍ looks good but feels amazing to wear. So why settle for ‍basic when you can elevate⁣ your ‌style with these chic and ‍comfy shorts? Don’t miss out on adding these versatile‍ shorts to your wardrobe ‌- shop now on Amazon!

Perfect Addition to Your Fall Fashion Collection

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Looking to revamp your fall fashion collection? Look no further than these AUTOMET Women’s Sweat Shorts! These casual yet stylish shorts are the perfect ‌addition to your wardrobe this season. With a high waist design and elastic waistband, they ​offer both comfort and style in one. Whether you’re out for a casual stroll or running errands, these shorts ​are⁣ sure to keep you looking chic ⁤and feeling comfortable.

The‍ AUTOMET brand prides itself on‌ intelligence, logic, and independence – ⁣qualities ‍that are​ reflected in these shorts. Designed to empower women and enhance confidence, these shorts are a must-have for the modern woman. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that these shorts will not only meet but exceed your expectations. ‌Don’t miss⁤ out on the opportunity to elevate your ‌fall fashion ‍game with these stylish and ‍versatile ⁤shorts – click the link below to get yours ⁢today! ⁤ Shop now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ​Analysis

After ​going through⁣ the⁤ customer reviews ‍for the ‌AUTOMET Womens Sweat Shorts, we have gathered a mix of opinions and experiences regarding this ​product.

Review Rating
I’ve bought 3 pairs so far ⁤and ‍just love all of them so much! The quality is so good! The material is​ thick in a way, but not heavy! I live⁣ in the south so⁢ I don’t usually like thick material but this just gives such‌ a great shape! I’ve had‌ my first⁣ pair since May ⁣and three months later they‌ still ⁣look great. I’m about ‌200 pounds and bought an XL which is my typical size in bottoms.​ They are not tight fitting, but I still have⁤ great shape in them⁢ while being⁣ comfy! Best part ‍is they haven’t shrank!!! ★★★★★
These are so cute and flattering.⁣ They fit as described and are very soft and⁢ comfortable. ★★★★★
They’re comfortable, but there’s only one⁣ layer of‍ fabric. It feels kind of cheap because of how thin it is, but ⁣it holds up well. I probably wouldn’t wear them out without spandex under them, ‍since they’re super⁣ loose⁤ around the ‍legs and you can see everything. The cut at the thigh is ​kind of weird ​to ⁤me with the bump, but I see​ what they’re going for. It’s just a little dramatic⁢ for me. It has an elastic waist with ‍a string tie which holds really well. They’re comfortable for lounging in bed. Just⁣ not something I’d wear​ anywhere else. ★★★
Very soft fabric, love how⁤ these fit! ★★★★
I have a small fupa and​ thought sizing up from my usual ​small to​ a⁤ medium would snug just right ​but it’s still a little tight. I’ll just have to wear spanx. Lol. Super cute⁣ and​ super comfy. Good thick quality. ★★★★
I really dos ⁣try. But the suck. They will shrink⁤ and shrink and shrink till your butt it’s out and​ the waist is hella tight. They ride up. They have pockets⁣ that barely work cause if you⁢ walk with your phone ⁢in it and take a big⁤ step it’ll just fall right out like how your ‌man fell out of your ‌life. They are soft I⁣ give them that.‍ But the ‌waist is so tight if your have a body. I like to wear mine high and I can’t do that. They shrunk. I am 5 ‘ 7 athletic legs for⁣ days cute af and 130 pounds. I got some in the trunk cause I be glutting ⁣it up I have hips and⁣ a small waist (26) So if you are shaped like a cheese stick this is for you! If you are short get them! Any girl 5’5 and under would probably like these unless you packin hard⁣ in the back ⁢or you got‍ some meat on your stomach. I would size UP. I GOT A MEDIUM and ‌they are too small. I would get ⁤a large and maybe I would’ve been more happy.
I was⁣ searching for a high quality well made ‍and comfortable pair of shorts and these are definitely it!! Superior workmanship and the most comfortable⁣ pair of shorts I‌ have bought in⁤ a long time!! ‍I love the fabric and the elastic​ waist is actually⁤ quite flattering. I love the two pockets and the drawstring gives you the ability to cinch or not.⁤ Straight out of the package and slipping these amazing‌ shorts on I have got to get more!! If you are looking for comfortable and quality made shorts‌ these are the shorts ⁤to‌ buy!!! Fit true ​to size and perfect for every occasion. Thank you so much AUTOMET I absolutely needed and love these shorts!! A definite must have! ★★★★★
These shorts are awesome – I wanted something I could wear while doing maintenance and rehab on our rentals. I usually wear jeans, but ⁤there are days‌ when‌ I’m just cleaning or painting and I wanted‍ something more comfortable. These are awesome. Deep pockets, ⁢thick high waistband, the ⁣fabric is like doubled up to make them durable ‍but ​still ⁤very soft and flexible. I have them‍ in two⁤ colors, might get another. The only tip I’d give is to⁢ hang dry. I’m adored they might shrink if ⁤I throw them in the dryer ⁣but so ​far hang dry works perfectly. ★★★★
I wear these shorts every day. They don’t ride up unless I’m working out but⁢ for casual wear on a hot ⁣day or just a cozy inside outfit, I love ! ★★★★★
I want ⁢to order more! ★★★★★
I wanted ​some comfy shorts to wear around⁤ the⁢ house and these are great for that. The only downside ⁤I’ve noticed is that they tend to ride up.⁢ Overall, these are good but I wouldn’t wear them‍ outside of the ​house. ★★★
The shorts I got were not quite what‌ I was expecting.‍ They felt thin and ⁣cheap​ compared to the ⁢sweat pant material ⁣I was hoping for. ‍However, the sizing was alright. I ordered a medium, and they fit‍ relatively well, but ‌I was hoping for a more baggier fit like the photo showed. For $25, I got what I paid for. ★★★
These are ⁢not a nice “sweat⁣ pant material” they’re okay & comfortable but more like a thin cozy PJ ‍short than sweat pant material. They’re thinner⁢ than I expected and the material is cheap. ★★★

As⁢ you can see, the reviews for these AUTOMET Womens Sweat Shorts⁢ are varied. While‌ some customers absolutely loved the quality and fit, others found the material to be thin and cheap. It ⁣seems that the sizing may run a bit small⁣ for some, so it might be advisable to size up when purchasing these shorts.

Pros &‌ Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. High waist design for a flattering‌ fit
2. Elastic ​waistband for comfort
3. Soft and breathable material
4. Perfect for casual ⁤wear or athletic activities
5. Fall⁢ fashion staple piece


1. Sizing may⁤ run small, consider sizing up
2. Some customers find the material to be slightly thin
3. Limited⁤ color options


Q: ​Are these sweat shorts true to size?
A: Yes, these Automet Womens Sweat Shorts are true⁢ to​ size. We recommend checking the size chart provided on the product page ​to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Q: Are ⁢these shorts‌ suitable for working out?
A: Absolutely! These shorts are designed with athletic activities in​ mind, so they are perfect‍ for workouts, yoga, or any other physical activity you have planned.

Q: Do‍ these shorts have pockets?
A: Yes, these sweat shorts come with convenient side pockets to hold your essentials ‌while on the go.

Q: Are these shorts ⁣high-waisted?
A: Yes, these shorts feature a high-waist design that‍ provides a⁤ flattering fit and added comfort.

Q: How ‍should I care for these shorts?
A: We recommend washing these shorts in cold water and hanging them to dry ⁤to maintain their ⁤quality ⁢and ⁣elasticity.

Unleash Your True Potential

As we conclude our Automet​ Womens‌ Sweat Shorts review, we⁤ are truly impressed by the quality, comfort, and style ​of these casual high‌ waist shorts. The blend of intelligence, independence, and fashion in these fall-ready shorts is simply unmatched. Automet has truly captured ⁣the essence of modern femininity with ⁢these⁢ chic and comfy shorts.

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a⁤ piece that exudes confidence and⁢ style,⁢ look no further than the Automet Womens Sweat Shorts. ⁢Don’t miss out on adding these‍ versatile shorts to‌ your collection!

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and‍ style with Automet Womens Sweat Shorts – get yours today at Amazon!

Check out the Automet Womens Sweat ⁤Shorts​ here and elevate your⁣ fall fashion game!

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